Eric’s Films

Mexico City – 9.3MB Quicktime
Mexico City, Mexico
January, 2008
Casio EX-Z1200 digital camera
A dance group practices some indigenous dances.
Mexico City – 4.0MB Quicktime
Mexico City, Mexico
June, 2008
Canon SD-110 digital camera
Gay Pride Parade.
Higher Quality (47.1MB)
Mexico City – 6.1MB Quicktime
Mexico City, Mexico
March, 2006
Canon ZR80 video camera
A little montage of street scenes.
Bicycle – 592KB Quicktime
Bicycle.avi – 3.7MB AVI
Washington, DC
June, 2004
Canon digital camera
A short clip of a giant multi-bicycle construction I encountered in Columbia Heights.
Ostrich – 220KB
Buellton, California
Nokia 3650
A video of an Ostrich.
Unicycle – 9.8MB
Berkeley, California
Sony TRV Mini-DV camera
A video of a unicyclist filmed by Michael James that I set to music.